Chew, Speak and Smile With Confidence!

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Missing, broken, cracked, or heavily decayed teeth are no fun.  They make it hard to chew, speak, and smile with confidence and may even change the actual structure and appearance of your face.  Painful and stressful dental emergencies can also … Continued

Building A Solid Foundation

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For oral health… As parents, we give our children the best start we can and good oral health habits are no exception.  Gingivitis can affect anyone.  The good news is that the onset of gum disease can be easily prevented… … Continued

Exercise That Smile

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And grin when you win! Almost 80% of adults have gum disease – a startling statistic and the reason that everyone needs to pay strict attention to their home oral health care routine.  But did you know that exercise can … Continued

How To Look Younger

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Okay….so you won’t be younger, but you can look younger with a whiter smile – studies say up to 10 years younger!  Coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco use, and even eating carrots and oranges can lead to a smile that … Continued

Stroke: Time Lost Is Brain Lost

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Gum disease increases gum inflammation that can lead to stroke Dentists have been suspecting it for years and now there is research to back it up.  Gum disease can lead to an increased risk of stroke, and the longer you … Continued

Count To 5 To Quit

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Any time is a good time to quit smoking, and quitting will help your dental health! HERE ARE SOME TIPS: Drink Water:  Flushes out toxins and it is refreshing. Delay: Most cravings will pass in a few minutes. Distract: Get your hands … Continued

Get Your Brightest Smile

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5 simple steps to achieve and keep a healthy smile! Brush Regularly: Less than 50% of men and just over half of all women brush more than once a day.  Take two minutes twice daily to brush with a soft … Continued

Diabetes & Gum Disease

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How one affects the other……. There is overwhelming evidence that periodontal disease is directly linked to diabetes…Those with gum disease are at high risk for diabetes and 95% of those with diabetes have gum disease!  It’s a startling fact that … Continued

Don’t Be So Sensitive!

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Temperature extremes shouldn’t be painful If sipping or eating hot or cold foods makes you wince, then you probably have “sensitive teeth.”  Sensitivity to temperature can have many causes including: Cavities Tooth grinding Worn enamel Exposed roots Chipped or cracked teeth If … Continued

Combat Acid Wear

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To reduce teeth erosion     More common than ever before, dental erosion occurs when tooth enamel is dissolved by acid, causing sensitivity, yellowing, and pitted or worn teeth.  Many everyday foods and beverages are to blame, including perceived healthy ones … Continued