Count To 5 To Quit

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Any time is a good time to quit smoking, and quitting will help your dental health!


  1. Drink Water:  Flushes out toxins and it is refreshing.
  2. Delay: Most cravings will pass in a few minutes.
  3. Distract: Get your hands busy by knitting, crafting, or just get up and take a walk.
  4. Deep breathing: Just five deep breaths can help.
  5. Discuss: Talk to a friend or professional.

And if you struggle, it’s okay.  Try and try again.  Just think about how much cleaner your mouth will feel and how deeply you will breathe without pain or coughing.

Quitting isn’t easy, but once you get there, congratulations!  Why not take some of that extra money and spend it on a reward……like teeth-whitening?

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