Simple Teeth-Whitening Solutions

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Rapid results that will have you smiling brighter for the Holidays!

It’s no surprise that 99% of adults believe that a smile is an important social asset.  A white healthy-looking smile can change the way the world sees us and how we feel inside!  We all project positivity and confidence when we look our best.  If you practice good oral hygiene and yet still struggle with teeth stains, there are solutions…

Whiten Safely: Professionally supervised whitening can safely and effectively remove stubborn stains, minimize sensitivity, and make your teeth their brightest.

Watch Your Intake: Foods and beverages like blueberries, coffee, tea, and red wine are known to stain teeth.  Follow up with water and try adding raw carrots, raw celery, and apples to your died.  They help scrub away stubborn stains over time.

Replace Or Cover: Updating old discolored fillings with attractive white ones can brighten your smile! Beautiful bonding can cover discolored teeth and give them a more pleasing shape at the same time.

In addition, regular dental cleanings help keep your smile healthy and bright by removing stubborn plaque, tarter buildup, and surface stains!


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