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The relation between smoking and oral health

Every time you smoke, more than 4,000 chemicals come into contact with your lips, tongue, mouth, throat, teeth, and gums, so it’s no wonder that smoking increases your risk for:

Oral Cancer: Smoking is the single largest cause of oral cancer.  When discovered early, survival rate can be as high as 90%.  Unfortunately when found late, the survival rate plummets to just 43%.

Gum Disease: The usual signs of gum disease are redness, puffiness, and bleeding, yet because nicotine restricts blood flow, smoking can actually mask the damage it causes as it makes gums appear pale.  Smokers have a reduced ability to heal, putting their gums at a greater risk for infection.

Cavities: increased plaque production puts smokers at triple the risk for tooth decay.

Tooth Loss: Gum disease progresses more rapidly in people who smoke, making tooth loss more prevalent among smokers.

Giving up smoking isn’t an easy journey, but it’s imperative for a healthier life.  Start with a plan, set a quit date, and book a checkup with us!

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